Nuts For Events

Planning to hold an event or a special occasion with the intention of giving out nuts as a welcome snack? Our Self-Serve Nuts Bar or Kachang Puteh Party Pack is ideal for these occasions, call us to to book for your event.

Wellness Care Packs/ Customised Packaging

Whether it's a corporate event or a festive occasion with the intention of giving out nuts as a gift for your staff or guest (or even use them as a welcome snacks), we can help you to customize the packaging size base on your requirements and budget, drop us a message to find out more.  

Contract Roasting

We provide OEM service for Roasting products in various nuts/ seeds. With more than 30 years of roasting experience, we know the secrets of roasting perfection. We’ve honed our roasting techniques with extensive research and experimentation – there’s no-one more qualified than us. Our quality nuts are roasted to order on a daily basis, and we’ll get them straight from our factory to you. We can package and deliver direct to your business; guaranteeing that nothing but the freshest nuts that you ever find!

Office Pantry / Corporate Bazaars

The easiest way to stay healthy at work is to have healthy options readily available, and nuts & dried fruits are one of the most popular snacks at work. The fibre, healthy fats and protein from a handful of nuts is incredibly filling and they are good enough to last you through the rest of the afternoon meeting.




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