National Cashew Day 23 Nov

Posted on23/11/2022
Although you’ll find them in the nut section of your favorite store, technically cashew nuts are actually a kind of seed rather than a nut. i.e, they come from cashew apples. A delicacy in the tree’s native Brazil, as well as in the Caribbean. Cashews trees are now commonly grown in India, Vietnam and Sputh Africa. You’ll never see cashews sold in-shell, because the shells contain a caustic resin called cashew balm that needs to be safely removed before consumption; the resin is used to make varnishes and insecticides.

Cashews are known for their high nutritional value and health benefits. Most of the health benefits connected to them are down to the healthy antioxidants and fatty acids contained in them. They are rich in copper, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and selenium.

Our favorite snacking and party nut is recognized each year on November 23rd as National Cashew Day. Don't wait any further, go nuts with cashews now!

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